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If you would like arrange a free initial powerful conversation or know more about anything you’ve read on my website please e-mail me at:


Resolution Coaching

Individual Sessions

A block of 6 bespoke coaching sessions will typically last between 3 and 4 months and will include:-

  • E-mail and text support to check in, brainstorm and review
  • Step-by-step support to create a motivational achievable plan of action
  • A range of powerful activities and strategies to bring deep clarity, insight and continued personal growth.

A block of 9 bespoke coaching sessions will typically last between 5 and 6 months and will include the same range of support functions as the 6-session block.

Introduction to Coaching – Group coaching

Whilst coaching normally takes place on a one-to-one basis and is confidential, this introduction to coaching takes place in a group, each individual considers their own agenda and there is no need for discussion of personal thoughts.  Participants will come away having explored an area of their life they have chosen to focus on.  This session typically lasts 60 minutes. If you feel this is something you would like to bring to your organisation then please contact me so we can discuss the idea further.


Please contact me to discuss your needs. Packages can be tailored to suit individual establishments.


Individual sessions
Extra sessions can be added as mutually agreed

A block of 6 bespoke coaching sessions will typically last between 2 and 3 months and will include a series of sessions discussing:-

  • The stressors – what actually happened or is happening?
  • The preceptual response – how do you see it?
  • The emotional response – how do you feel about it?
  • The physiological response – what changes do you notice in your body?
  • The action response – what actions do you take?

Group or company sessions
Please e-mail for details –

Complimentary Introductory Session (1hr)
6 session package £480.00
9 session package £700.00

As a member of the Association for Coaching I agree with and comply to the Global Code of Ethics

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