Coaching with Emma

Empowering you to take control of your life and make your aspirations come true.

Resolution Coaching

Emma will help you to…

Make a resolution and stick to it.
Identify your strengths.
Formulate a clear plan with timeframes.
Have an accountability partner.
Make the impossible possible.
Achieve it.

Stress Management Coaching

Will help you discover…

What makes you stressed?
What can you change?
Can you change your thinking?
Are you helping yourself?
Strategies to help you deal with stress.
Ways you can become more resilient.


I am delighted to be able to recommend Emma very highly as a coach. I was working on a complex book project with a defined timeline which was very challenging and I was doubtful about my ability to actually complete it. But with Emma’s help the book was finished, on time and looking pretty good.
The regular meetings were fantastic; we would discuss goals and whether they would be achievable; we discussed progress and challenges and how they could be overcome. Emma’s good-humoured  and non-judgemental questioning  of aims and objectives resulted in some beneficial alteration to my first thoughts which really helped to improve the outcome.

A really excellent, enjoyable and productive experience.
Many thanks.
Val Littlewood

A goal, which seemed completely impossible, now seems possible. Through coaching with Emma, I am now ON the journey to fulfilling an ambition. Emma’s coaching helped me put the ideas in order and to prioritise. Setting short term goals was immensely beneficial in building confidence and satisfaction.
Chery Tait

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